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REACT Montenegro 2008

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Regional Euro Atlantic Camp Together 2008 | Crkvicko Polje, Pluzine, Montenegro | 01.-05.09.
The implementation of the Project titled Regional Euro Atlantic Camp Together - ” REACT 2008” ALPHA Centre, NGO, is intending to give its contribution to the education of citizens about the concept, importance and the advantages of the accession to the Partnership for Peace, as well as about the importance of Western Balkans Countries membership of NATO.
This will be done through directly contact with the students, representatives of NGOs and representatives of governments from  Western Balkans Countries  during a  16 lectures presented by an experts, professors and  competitive speakers.
The place of venue is small village Crkvicko Polje in Pluzine municipality ( Northern Montenegro). The name of the camp where participants will be hosted, is “Yugoslavia” which is one more symbol about integration of this region. Regarding the fact that all of the countries from ex Yugoslavia have an intention to join to NATO, this 16 lectures realized in five days (during the camp) will be improve their knowledge about new NATO profile as political organization. The main goal is sharing this knowledge and experience in the their areas of working and living.
Also, some of the sports and culture activities will raise strong connection with the same thinking young people all over the region.   
Special focus will be paid to the comparative analysis and lessons learned from the region (especially with regards to the challenges Slovenia and Croatia experienced on their way to Euro-Atlantic integrations). The lectures  will be so conceived to try to breathe life into notions, standards and Euro-Atlantic and global processes that hardly ever been brought forward in an understandable and clear-cut way and from the angle of every day life. The discussion will expose to view real-life implications of the membership of the PfP and NATO (requirements to be met in the domains of legislation, military, ecology, local government reforms…).
The project “ REACT 2008 ” will be conducted via:
- Five days camp in Northern Montenegro with representatives from Western Balkans Countries
- Four lectures per day (16 lectures)
- Excursion / rafting Tara river and workshop (scheduled on the third day)
- Short culture program from all countries participated.
Topics :
a) The role of the International community in the Balkans
b) What is North Atlantic Treaty Organization (mission, operations, partnership – highlighting on political, economic and scientist component)
c) Experiences from different countries (experience from each seven countries in region, future challenges obligations, benefits and rights)
d) NATO - Partnership and Development/Reform
e) Military engagement in peacekeeping and peace support missions
f) The role of the civil sector in Atlantic integrations
g) Strenghening of the regional security
h) What is the added value Balkan countries can bring with their membership to NATO in the future
i) Addressing conflicts through cooperation
j) Open discussions, workshop: “The role of the NGOs in public debates abut Euro Atlantic integrations”
k) NATO after Bucharest
H.E. Haakon Blankeborg, Ambassador, Royal Norwegian Embassy , Belgrade
H.E. Paraschiva Badescu, Ambassador, OSCE office in Montenegro, Podgorica
H.E. Leopold Maurer, Ambassador, Head of EC Delegation to Montenegro, Podgorica
H.E. Veselin Sukovic, Ambassador, Chief of Montenegro Mission to NATO, Brussels
Mr. Michele Duray, Senior Coordinator for the Western Balkans NATO PDD, Brussels
Mr. Petrit Karabina, Vice Minister of Defense, Government of Albania, Tirana
Lt Col Terje Haverstaad, Defence Attaché, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Belgrade
Lt Col Neven Kranjcec, Deputy Director NATO & PfP Department, Ministry of Defense, Croatia
Dr. Jack Petri, Country Director, Jefferson Institute, Podgorica
PhD. Andreja Savic, Director, Academy of Diplomacy and Security, Belgrade
Mr Kristaq Birbo , Secretary Executive of the Atlantic Treaty Association, Tirana
Mr. Blagoje Grahovac, General, Yugoslav Army (retired), Podgorica
Prof.dr. Denis Hadzovic, General Secretary of Centre for Security Studies, Sarajevo
Dr. Ivan Masulovic, Advisor to the Minister for Security,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Montenegro
Mr. Oliver Andonov,Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Security Studies- Skopje
PhD Anton Bebler, Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana
Mr. Zoran Kekovic, Faculty of Security Studies, Univesity of Belgrade
Mr. Ivan Velimir Starcevic, Representative of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Croatia
Mr. Qemajl Marmullakaj, Researcher, Kosovo Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED), Pristina
Mr. Aleksandar Dedovic, Executive Director, ALPHA Centre, Niksic
A  number of participants is limited.
An applicant need to be a citizen of the Western Balkans Countries
Applicants should prove their interest in or professional experience with the topics of the REACT 2008 -Motivation Letter of Application form
The REACT 2008 is open to graduate (last year graduate) and postgraduate students (social / political studies, humanities or economics), scholars, researchers & experts working in think tanks and academic institutions, practitioners, employees of security sector institutions and civil servants as well as for the government and civil sector representatives dealing with euroatlantic integrations matters in the target countries
The age limit for participants at the REACT 2008 is: not older than 35 years
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